Kylie visits the Louvre

June 8, 2017

While planning our trip to Paris I blocked out at least two days of visiting the Louvre. I love visiting museums. I love art, I love exhibit design and I love learning, so it goes without saying that museums are my jam, and the Louvre – I mean, come on. It’s the Louvre.

The problem is, when I visit museums with other folks, I tend to slow them down and usually end up wanting to stay long after they’re done. So the simple solution was for me to visit the Louvre on my own and spend as much time as I pleased getting lost in its labyrinth of masterpieces, only to revisit later this weekend with Walt so I’m not quite as slow floating around wide eyed and star struck.

To document my first day, I decided to try and flesh out an Instagram story of the day. I’m not super great at it, but I thought I’d include some of those videos here as well – I had a fun time making them!

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  • Reply Ana June 26, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Look at that grin! You are the cutest with this Insta Story. Felt like I was right there with you. xoxo.

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